About the GTBI

The Gas Transmission Benchmarking Initiative (GTBI) is a consortium, established in 2002, comprising leading gas transmission system operators (TSOs) in Europe. The primary aim of the GTBI is to serve as a platform for direct collaboration between TSOs to improve performance and identify best practices in gas transmission.

The benchmarking is focused on the operational efficiency and effectiveness of gas transmission systems. Efficiency is determined in terms of operational expenditure (OPEX), capital expenditure (CAPEX) and manpower time expended for both company own staff and third parties. Effectiveness concentrates on quality outcomes of overall business performance including health, safety, environmental impact, reliability, availability and delivery interruptions.

In the region of 200 key performance indicators (KPIs) are measured, providing a comprehensive analysis that identifies opportunities for:

Cost Optimization

Increased Staffing Productivity

Enhanced Effectiveness

What can the Gas Transmission Benchmarking Initiative Provide?

Following the benchmarking analysis and issuing of the report, Gas Transmission Benchmarking Initiative member TSOs collaborate to help each other achieve the identified opportunities for improvement through several mechanisms, including:

  • The Best Practice Forum where TSOs share their latest innovations, working practices and also experiences that have helped them succeed.
  • Special Topic Surveys through which member TSOs can gather data and also answers from their peers on specific subject interests.
  • Site Surveys that address a topic of interest of the whole group.
  • A summary of different organisation structures where TSOs learn about the structure, staffing levels and specialist roles of their peers.

By joining the GTBI, TSOs will benefit from of a close-knit group of members with above all mutual respect. High levels of trust and willingness to share is unprecedented while also fully protected by a confidentiality agreement.

What can GTBI provide. Picture of Gas Transmission Benchmarking Initiative Pipelines

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“Using reliable, validated benchmarking data methods and collaborative working to compare and contrast member performance while learning to continually improve and refine recognized best practices in gas transmission.”

Our Approach

Juran Benchmarking is the appointed facilitator for the GTBI and has been providing benchmarking services to the oil and gas industry since 1995. During this time, we have compiled an extensive database of performance data from thousands of assets operated by NOCs, IOCs and independent oil and gas companies worldwide.

Our highly effective normalisation approach, the Juran Complexity Factor© ensures like-for-like comparisons of performance between benchmarked gas transmission systems to realize actionable results and improvement opportunities.

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What our members say

A few testimonials from some of the GTBI Members.

"The main benefit (for us) is to understand our gap to potential and to see if we (have) moved from last participation. It helps us measure the success of our initiatives."

Maintenance Manager

"For us, the advantage is to compare KPIs, share best practices and know the main trends in the market from other companies.

Organisation Project Manager

"The main advantage for us is the ability to compare with other companies and improve, otherwise we would have no measure to do this and would be guessing when we set our targets."

Asset Management Engineer

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